Where Is My Website Hosted? Domain Registered Where?

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Websites To Look Up Your Domain Name.

Find out where your domain is hosted. Find out where your website is registered and how to change your hosting, your registrar and your email settings.

Where Can I Find My Domain Name Registration?

Your domain name registrar is usually a company like NameCheap or GoDaddy. This is different than your web hosting, and can be confusing, however the same company can manage both, but is not usually recommended. My best practice recommendation is to get your domain name at NameCheap or GoDaddy and your Website Hosting at SiteGround, A2Hosting and use a Virtual Private Server for your fastest load times and protection from email blacklisting on shared hosting plans.

www.whois .com whois

Tip: Make sure you have your website domain, DNS – domain name servers, hosting information, email settings, ftp, admin email, icann contact info and renewal dates saved so you can get to your website to manage it. You can get our checklist that you or your website manager should fill out so you are never locked out of your website.

Look Up Your Domain Name Registrar.

WHOIS search results

Domain stjohnscarwash.com
Registrar NameCheap, Inc.
Name Servers ns511.websitewelcome.com
Renewal Date 2021-02-24
pcprosllc stjohncarwash whois

Email Request For Domain Information

You should send an email to your website admin asking for the following information for all of your Domain & Website Names.

Renewal Date: 
Name Servers:
Login url:
Login user:
Login pw:

Look Up Your Domain Hosting Provider.

Sometimes it is more difficult to find your hosting provider because often the nameservers are not always easily to tell who hosts the files for your website.

Tip: If you can’t find your hosting provider from the name sever try a couple different look up tools provided here as some display additional information and results.

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